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MurGeeMon 1.7

MurGeeMon 1.7: Dual Monitor Software to Control Dual Display Devices or Monitors Dual Display / Multiple Monitor Software Utility to Change Monitor or Desktop Background. Control Power State of Secondary Monitor or all Monitors / Displays connected to a Computer. Change Display Properties easily and quickly. Create Dual Monitor Shortcut to control Dual Monitors with Keyboard. Change selected Monitor Orientation to Landscape or Portrait with shortcut key. Utilize the power of having dual monitors connected to your computer.

MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software 4.0.12: MaxiVista turns any spare PC into a multi monitor for your primary PC
MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software 4.0.12

Monitor Software MaxiVista turns any spare Desktop, Laptop or Netbook PC into a dual monitor for your primary computer. No extra multi monitor hardware is required. Simply extend program windows across multiple screens as if it were one big monitor. Increase your productivity by using multiple monitors. KVM Switch The Software KVM function allows you to cCControl up to four computers from a single keyboard and mouse even more convenient than using

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Ki-toolbar XP Windows customizable toolbars taskbars /wallpaper manager on dual screen display
Ki-toolbar XP

KiToolBar is a Windows XP light utility that provides on single or dual monitor a wallpaper manager: images automatically updated from any web site or local drive. And fully customizable toolbars and taskbars on dual screen display: tasks selection by type, by monitor; shortcuts to any application, file, folder, website; application launcher; group, mark, hide task buttons, animated task buttons color hot-track (Vista / 7 version also available).

dock, task filtering, windows, taskbar extension, wallpaper manager, customizable toolbars, dual monitor, customize windows, application launcher, shortcut, dual screen

Transitions ScreenSaver 3.1.0: Endless transitions between random colorings of your screen
Transitions ScreenSaver 3.1.0

Transitions ScreenSaver shows endless transitions between random colorings of your screen. Occasionally, it displays messages (that are chosen at random from the following: Do not touch my computer, I am not here, I will be back soon, Someone Else owns this computer. Leave alone, etc). Background sound supported. You can create/edit your music playlist or disable the sound. Dual monitor supported, too.

screen saver, transitions screensaver, transition effects, background music support, dual monitor support, screensaver

Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver View Extremely Realistic 3D Waterfall Screensaver On Your Desktop
Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver

This extremely realistic 3D screensaver from turns your desktop into a very beautiful place with a majestic waterfall falling into a clear mountain lake. Watch the soothing movement of the water, soar over lake waves and rest in the shadow of an age-old forest! If you have a dual monitor system installed on your computer, Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver will operate as a fully functional dual monitor screensaver.

lake, screen saver, forest, waterfall, mountane, nature, screensaver

Dolphin Aqua Life 3D Screensaver 3.1.0: View a graceful dolphin swimming through the blue depths on your desktop.
Dolphin Aqua Life 3D Screensaver 3.1.0

Would you like to escape to the ocean depths? Dolphin Aqua Life 3D Screensaver takes you to the bottom of the aquatic world. The soothing movement of the dolphin and the calming sound of the waves help you to relax after a busy day. Enjoy the serenity of Aqua Life, the graceful dolphin swimming through the blue depths and the amazing play of light on its skin. The screensaver includes dual monitor support.

aqua life, screen saver, dual monitor screensaver, dolphin, fish, aquarium, screensaver

Magnifixer 4.0: Screen magnifier utility for developers, designers or the visually impaired
Magnifixer 4.0

Magnifixer is a fully custumizable screen magnifier utility. You can place it anywhere on your screen, make it any size you want and select a zoom level. It is the perfect tool for developers and designers, but also for people with viewing disabilities. This version now supports dual monitors. Magnifixer supports cursor tracking or fixed location view.

magnifier, dual monitor, screen magnifier, resolution, lens

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